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With my company stadsstromen (“urban streams”) I stimulate sustainalble solutions for the urban environment. More and more citizens, companies, public services and social organisations demand solutions that are not only attractive and affordable, but also contribute to a healthier planet. On a technical level, those solutions are more and more availalbe. But no one can take the step ‘into the new’ on his own. Behind the site of all the buildings and streets our urban system is a contineous flow of different streams: bicycles, cars, food, materials, drinking water, dirty water, data, waste and so on. Al these streams are controlled by different people and authorities. My contribution to smarter and healthier streams is to inspire with attractive solutions. And to show in what way people can cooperate to realize these solutions. Not in the far future, but tomorrow!

I founded stadsstromen in 2014. During my career after obtaining my Masters at Delft University of Technology, I have been working for Movares, for the Municipality of Almere and for Urhahn Urban Design. My services are advice, proces management, research and design and online media. Making cities sustainable and attractive requires building bridges between people. That’s what I do.